GCRA: 25 years of cutting-edge coral reef research and restoration

January 22 2016, St. Georges, Grenada.

The Global Coral Reef Alliance was founded 25 years ago as a global voluntary network to do cutting edge research and development on reversing the threats to coral reefs and developing new methods to restore coral reefs, fisheries, mangroves, sea grass, salt …



GCRA develops new projects in around 10 countries every year, but since we are constantly busy we never have time to keep the web page up to date, so it may seem we are up to nothing! Here is a list of some major projects done in 2015.


Indonesia continued to have most Biorock

Paris climate change negotiations update

December 11 2015

Here in Paris we are entering the final day of the negotiations, and governments are hammering out unsavory compromises between closed doors. As a result of their desperate efforts to come to an agreement, we are hearing that oceans, agriculture, and soils have all been dropped from…