What We Do

GCRA works directly with local groups to assess the health of their coral reefs, identify the causes of their changes, and propose practical solutions to restore them.

GCRA is especially focused on working with community groups on tropical islands to sustainably manage their reefs, especially indigenous communities.

GCRA conducts fundamental research on impacts of bleaching, climate change, new diseases, pollution, and sedimentation on corals, and developing innovative methods to reverse them.

GCRA developed Biorock Technology and is constantly seeking new applications of it as the most cost-effective problem-solving technology for marine resource management problems. These include sustainable mariculture, tourism, biodiversity conservation, protecting coral reefs from global warming, protecting beaches from global sea level rise and increasing storm strength, production of construction materials for both marine and land applications, coastal engineering, and increasing global carbon sinks in marine wetlands.

GCRA collaborates with all serious local environmental management groups by training them to diagnose, develop, and implement innovative solutions to their coastal management problems.