The Caribbean Coral Reef:
A Record of an Ecosystem Under Threat

By William K. Sacco

This spectacular book shows Caribbean coral reefs at their prime

“This book is a priceless historical record of Caribbean coral reefs by a photographer who set out to document all the major reef species in the 1970s when the coral reefs were at their prime. No one will ever do that again, and most of what is shown in his photographs is now gone forever. I can personally confirm the accuracy of this book: I’ve dived on the reefs shown in this book for more than 65 years and saw the decline from start to finish… No other book available shows Caribbean coral reefs when they were at their best. It is only by comparing the images in this book with what they see now that people can recognize what we have lost. It is far more than they can imagine!”

Thomas J. F. Goreau, PhD, President of the Global Coral Reef Alliance, USA