Nikola Berger, Mara Haseltine, J. T. Boehm, and Tom Goreau

Measurements made in flow through tanks using bottom water from the Hudson river off midtown Manhattan over two years found that oysters with Biorock® treatment had 2.75 and 1.62 times faster growth rate than controls in 2007 and 2008 respectively, while the control oysters had 2.08 and 1.36 times higher mortality than Biorock® treatments. This data therefore strongly suggests that Biorock® oysters grow faster and have lower mortality, indicating that this method should be highly applicable to restoration of oyster reefs.

New York, Biorock, Oyster, restoration, results, survival, faster
Oysters growing on Biorock® frames in flow through tank

Average growth all reefs 2007
Biorock oysters grew 2.75 times faster than controls in 2007

Average growth all reefs 2008
Biorock oysters grew 1.62 times faster than controls in 2008

oyster mortality 2007 - 2008
Control oysters had 2.08 times higher mortality in 2007 and 1.36 times higher mortality in 2008