In Memorial

Rogeliano Solis

February 19 2014

Guna Environmental Leader


Rogge Solis

It is with the deepest sadness that the Global Coral Reef Alliance announces the death of Rogeliano Solis, the brilliant Guna Indian marine biologist and environmental leader from Panama. As Environmental Advisor to the Congresso General Guna, a unique Indigenous sea culture that has maintained their independence and ancient traditions, yet who deeply value modern knowledge, he was charged with developing their sustainable management plan and the abandonment of 10 island villages, including his own, due to sea level rise. We worked very closely with him for 18 years to help his people restore their fisheries and coral reefs and save their islands and unique culture from being lost to global warming and sea level rise. We will continue to seek support to develop his mission of Guna sustainable development through restoring their natural resources.