Giving Coral Reefs a new chance

“We live underwater” success in 2015 and plans for 2016
In 2015, we released our short film about coral reef restoration in Indonesia. The film documents planning, building and sinking the reef and explains the amazing Biorock® technology, where low voltage electricity is used to enhance coral growth and health. In case you haven’t seen our film, you can watch it here:

We were back at the reef in December last year – check out how amazing it looks after only 12 months:

Film Festivals
Our film has been screened on various film festivals, including the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York, which we were able to attend to spread the idea of coral reef restoration.

Furthermore, “We live underwater” has been awarded:

Best Theme at the Kolkotta International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival
Best Direction at Silently Short Underwater Movie Festival Belgrade

We are so honoured!

Screenings / presentations in 2016
The new year holds some more festival screenings for us, and hopefully some more awards! If you live nearby, you can watch our film on a big screen at these festivals:

February, 15 – 21, 2016: Wild Film Fest, Falmouth, UK
March 10 – 13, 2016: San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival

We will also hold a presentation about the Biorock® technology at the
Frankfurt Zoologische Gesellschaft:
March, 2, 2016: Kleiner Saal, Zoogesellschaftshaus (6 p.m.)

We still need to help coral reefs in 2016
It is most important to us to get the word out about coral reefs in peril, and that there is a way to help them! The news are full with reports about this year’s incredibly strong El Niño weather effect, the rising sea temperatures and the mass coral bleaching it is already causing on reefs worldwide. The Biorock® technology poses fabulous possibilities to help damaged reefs quickly and to restore whole coral areas. We need to save coral reefs to keep the oceans and the planet healthy.

Having seen the amazing success of Biorocks® with our own eyes, our plans for 2016 are to realize more coral restoration projects and workshops to help stressed or damaged coral reef ecosystems.

Our local dive shop Tawo Diving in Oberursel, Germany hosted a Christmas party in November 2015 and already collected the amazing amount of 900 € for us to build more Biorocks® artificial reefs in Indonesia. Thank you so much!

If you as well want to participate in this great cause, you can from now on also donate money for our upcoming Biorock® projects directly through our website (using a Paypal donation button) or simply get in touch with us via!

To donate for future Biorock® artificial reefs, go to: