Reporte de Visita Arrecifes BioRock, isla de San Bartolomé en el Caribe, 2023 (Biorock grows back Saint Barthelemy reefs: 2023 CRES Report).

This report by the Coalicion Restauracion Ecosistemas Santurcinos (Puerto Rico) describes the most successful coral reef regeration project in the Caribbean, where Biorock technology is bringing back Acropora reef crests on Saint Barthelemy. This project was built with only small amounts of private funding by enlightened St. Barthelemy islanders, It survived the worst hurricane in the history of the islands with no damage, even though all homes and hotels in the bay behind the reef were destroyed. By expanding this project, Saint Barthelemy can bring their vanishing coral reefs and beaches back! Be sure to watch the video!

This Biorock reef suffered no damage from Category 5 Hurricane Irma, whose waves broke right over it, and destroyed all the houses and hotels on the beach behind the reef