Electrical stimulation, Biorock, Goreau, figure 2

Figure 2. (a) Coral recruitment rates on Biorock limestone substrates versus natural limestone
rock and artificial substrates. Biorock coral settlement rates range
from around 1 to 4 orders of magnitude higher when compared in the same units, spontaneously settling
juvenile corals per square meter per month. The mean settlement rate on Biorock was 25.86 times
higher than controls; (b) Linear growth rates of electrically stimulated corals, gorgonians ,
oysters, and salt marsh grass versus controls. Each dot represents the average value of
times series on populations of treated and control organisms. Mean growth rates of electrically stimulated
organisms over the same time interval were 3.165 times higher than identical controls without
electrical fields, ranging between 2 – 10 times higher. All points above the 1:1 line indicate electrical
stimulation, to an extent indicated by the slope to the origin; (c) Survival of electrically stimulated corals, oysters, gorgonians, and salt marsh grass versus controls. Mean
survival of electrically stimulated organisms was 3.47 times higher than controls, especially under severe
stress conditions resulting in nearly total mortality of controls.