The most massive trees and carbon biomass in the world are those in the rainforests of British Colombia, Canada, and some of these most important carbon stores are now slated for destruction in the name of “economic development”, read more in

These will be turned into wood pellets to sell to Europe as “clean sustainable green net-zero biomass energy” because they will promise to plant puny little seedlings to “replace” the ancient trees they pulverize.




Our “decision makers” don’t value Nature but they just LOVE the money they make from killing her!

Along with Trump, Putin, Mohammed Bin Salman, and Morrison’s insane peddling of fossil fuels and Bolsonaro’s rape of Amazonia, it seems governments are determined to cause runaway global warming as soon as possible. Even Canada!

Frankly, we have yet to REALLY feel global warming, except for coral reefs. But we will, sooner than we think!

Here is severely bleached coral in Bali that we are right now keeping alive with electricity through our Biorock process: