GCRA and Biorock Indonesia will participate in the upcoming

Archipelagic and Island States Forum 2019


Archipelagic and Island States Forum 2019 aims to promote smart and innovative solutions to challenges faced by AIS Forum participating countries through collaboration between startups, established businesses, investors, and governments.

Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) around the globe face common development challenges that inhibit their ability to live prosperously and grow sustainably. Many are facing existential threats that include climate change, natural disasters, marine pollution, marine plastic debris, unsustainable fisheries, and ocean sustainability, all of which seriously risk the survivability of these nations.

The forum will underscore the urgency of action, introduce possible solutions, and showcase examples of successful implementation of such programs in the region.

AIS Forum will hold “AIS Startup and Business Summit 2019” in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, from 30th October to 1st November 2019. Click here for the event agenda.

On this event Biorock Indonesia will hold several agendas at AIS Forum 2019, including:

1. 1st Plenary – Session 2: The Future of Marine Ecotourism (limited to plenary participant)

2. 4th Plenary – Session 1: AI & Technology for the Blue Economy (limited to plenary participant)

3. Biorock Introduction on Shore Protection Workshop (SPECIAL DISCOUNT, Registration Required)

4. Sustainable Marine Ecotourism Workshop (FREE, Registration required)

Registration for the event will close shortly, don’t miss your chance and register now
For all inquiries: Mr. Nyoman (nyoman@biorock-indonesia.com)