February 6, 2023


Thomas J. F. Goreau, PhD

President, Global Coral Reef Alliance

& Chief Scientist, Blue Regeneration SL

Biorock technology is a crucial life-enhancing, island-building technology that empowers the Maldives to take control of its future by growing coral reefs, beaches, islands, fisheries, biodiversity, and tourism resources.

The future of the Maldives’ extremely rich marine resources is existentially threatened by out-of-control global sea level rise and global warming that make the Maldives a passive victim of external forces beyond its control.

Biorock technology is the only critical enabling marine technology that will allow the Maldives to take control of its destiny by growing corals, reefs, beaches, and islands faster than erosion.

Biorock technology uses renewable energy from the sun and waves to grow reefs, beaches, and islands that match sea level rise, regenerate biodiversity, fisheries, and tourism, and produce harder, cheaper carbon-negative building materials for construction in any size or shape needed.

Biorock reefs saved Maldivian coral reefs from global warming and grew back severely eroded beaches naturally more than 25 years ago. See Maldives Biorock: Past results, future applications. (https://www.globalcoral.org/maldives-biorock-past-results-future-applications/)

A new El Niño just starting will increase global sea level rise and temperature, so now is the time for the Maldives to urgently mainstream Biorock Technology as the central tool in the national survival strategy as well as its Blue Economy strategy..

Biorock Coral Arks will be badly needed to save coral reef ecosystems and species from global warming-caused extinction.

Biorock building material is much cheaper than cement, needs no aggregate, is carbon negative, and regenerates surrounding coastal ecosystems on which fisheries and tourism rely.

Biorock shore protection reefs are rock solid assets that will qualify for carbon credits.

Biorock technology is also an essential insurance policy for all other sustainable Blue Economy projects in the Maldives, climate-proofing them and enhancing their economic values and lifetimes.

The inventors of Biorock Technology are ready to help the Maldives and atoll countries grow their way out of the climate emergency now!

For more information on Biorock in the Maldives please see:

Maldives Shorelines: Growing a Beach, T. Goreau, W. Hilbertz, & A. Hakeem, 2004, Saving a coral reef from bleaching and growing back a severely eroded beach with a Biorock reef.

MALDIVES BIOROCK: Past results & future applications

Velaa Private Island installs new state-of-the art Biorock® projects to regenerate coral reefs

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