Dredging to create artificial islands just centimeters above sea level is damaging the Maldivian coral reefs that built and protected the islands. Concerned Maldivians point out how the country’s future is being sacrificed to short term profit in Open letter to the people of The Netherlands, from the environmentally endangered Maldives. This letter, penned by Humay Abdulghafoor, volunteer for the Save Maldives campaign, addresses the people of The Netherlands with a story little-told: how their nation’s business enterprise has produced another’s destruction and demise, through dredging, reclamation, and port development.


Only Biorock Technology can reverse this double climate crisis of global warming that is killing Maldivian corals, and global sea level rise that is flooding the islands, by growing back healthy coral reefs and growing beaches. This was done in 1997, saving an entire reef from coral bleaching and growing back a severely eroded beach. The results and implications for the future are discussed in:

MALDIVES BIOROCK: Past results & future applications

Velaa Private Island installs new state-of-the art Biorock® projects to regenerate coral reefs