Most of Bali’s coral reefs have been destroyed, and lie tortured and lifeless on the sea bed. Coral bleaching and a deadly combination of explosives and cyanide fishing have wiped out the reefs and much of the marine life that once teemed around them.

This program presents the fascinating story of a determined Balinese community and two marine scientists who have invented a revolutionary new technology called ‘mineral accretion’, which rebuilds coral reefs up to five times faster than they would naturally occur. These important marine ecosystems could soon be brought back to life to once again shelter a magnificent array of exotic marine life.

Just a few years ago in the calm, crystal clear waters off the north coast of Bali, miles of elaborate coral reefs teemed with vibrant and colorful marine life. Today, many of these beautiful reefs are gone. Shattered, they lie crumbling on the seabed a bone yard of lifeless rubble.

But thanks to revolutionary new technology ‘mineral accretion’, the dream of the local community to once again have their reefs teeming with exotic marine life could soon become reality.

Reef Reborn – Into the Unseen World travels to the magnificent island of Bali to follow the work of two marine scientists endeavoring to reconstruct the precious underwater ecosystems.

The scientists’ miraculous mineral accretion structures build reefs up to five times faster than they would naturally occur. They do this by passing an electric current through the metal framework, in turn causing an accumulation of limestone, that encourages living coral to thrive.

And to help the dream come true, the local people of Pemuteran are joining forces to patrol the bay and guard the rejuvenating reefs, while two eco-tourism resort owners record the maglie calcio poco prezzo developments on film to raise awareness among other fishing communities.

Reef Reborn – Into the Unseen World reveals the cutting-edge process of rebuilding the reefs, and takes viewers into the spiritual heart of a Balinese community to experience the intricate culture of this exotic island.

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NTSC Widescreen 16:9 – Total Running Time: 50-minutes