The Economist, September 11 2021


The unidentified photograph in “Ocean reefs: Hybrid vigour” (Sept 11 2021) shows one of more than a thousand Biorock reefs in Indonesia and more than 50 islands built by the Global Coral Reef Alliance, Biorock Indonesia, and our partners and students around the world since Wolf Hilbertz and I invented Biorock electric reef regeneration at the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory in Jamaica in 1987.  

Biorock reefs recharge biodiversity and fisheries, and grow upward to match sea level rise, so they will not be overtopped like rock and concrete walls, which increase erosion instead of growing and protecting new sand like Biorock reefs. Biorock uniquely heals corals from bleaching heat stroke mortality in extreme heat waves. 

Readers wishing to see actual results of BIorock rejuvenation of coral reefs, oyster reefs, sea grasses, salt marshes, mangroves, fisheries habitat, and applications of Biorock for regenerating severely eroded beaches at record rates, for carbon-negative construction material, carbon dioxide removal, reversing global warming, sustainable mariculture, and saving coral reef countries like Tuvalu from sea level rise and global warming, can find much more at,, and  

Nearly 45 years of work by brown and black islanders regenerating their reefs to adapt to global climate change ironically achieves publicity only when white imitators falsely claim credit for our results, misusing life-enhancing island Biorock technology to do fig-leaf blue-wash projects for coral killers and reef destroyers! 

 Sincerely yours,

Thomas J. F. Goreau, PhD

President, Global Coral Reef Alliance

37 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

No one can change the past, everybody can change the future


The Economist refused to publish this letter correcting their false reporting and public relations hype for dishonest imitators.