Lesioned and healthy Sarcophyton ehrenbergi

Lesioned and healthy Sarcophyton ehrenbergi. (A) S. ehrenbergi displaying areas of yellow lesioned tissue. (B) Magni- fied image of ulcerated lesion. A healthy S. ehrenbergi is not included here but looks like the coral shown in (A) minus the yellow tissue. (C,D) Examples of a healthy S. ehrenbergi

Ulcerated yellow spot syndrome: implications of aquaculture-related pathogens associated with soft coral Sarcophyton ehrenbergi tissue lesions.

Authors: James M. Cervino, Briana Hauff, Joshua A. Haslun,
Kathryn Winiarski-Cervino, Michael Cavazos, Pamela Lawther,
Andrew M. Wier, Konrad Hughen, Kevin B. Strychar

Download the paper here: NEW SARCO