Fossil Fuel Global Warming Will Soon Kill Coral Reefs
Innovative Methods of Marine Ecosystem Restoration – Book

Brief overview of Biorock Technology Applications


revised: July 10 2014

Biorock® Technology:
Cost-effective solutions to major marine resource management problems including construction and repair, shore protection, ecological restoration, sustainable aquaculture, and climate change adaptation

Thomas J. Goreau, PhD
President, Global…

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Electrical Stimulation Greatly Increases Settlement, Growth, Survival, and Stress Resistance of Marine Organisms

Thomas J. Goreau
Global Coral Reef Alliance, Cambridge, USA Email:
Received 23 May 2014; revised 26 June 2014; accepted 5 July 2014
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Broward Segment II FONSI & EA are inadequate and should be rejected

June 14 2014

To: Eric P. Summa, Chief, Environmental Branch, Planning and Policy Division, US Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District

From: Thomas J. Goreau PhD, President, Global Coral Reef Alliance

Re: Finding of No Significant Harm for Broward Segment II Beach Project and failure to require…