11/11/11 One Day in Pemuteran Bay Bali

“This is a documentary about the Coral Reef Restoration Project in Pemuteran Bay, Bali, Indonesia, filmed on 11/11/2011. This Project started 11 years ago using Bio-Rock Technology.
Biorock® reef restoration uses safe low voltage electrical currents to grow limestone structures of any…

Biorock® corals bleach less, recover faster, and have higher survival after heat shock: Biorock ark electrotherapy to save coral reefs from global warming

Thomas J. Goreau, Global Coral Reef Alliance
Thomas Sarkisian, Biorock Thailand

Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium, June 2010, Phuket, Thailand

Corals receiving low power electrical trickle currents on Biorock® reefs grow 2-6 times faster than genetically and environmental identical…

Reef Reborn Into the Unseen World

Most of Bali’s coral reefs have been destroyed, and lie tortured and lifeless on the sea bed. Coral bleaching and a deadly combination of explosives and cyanide fishing have wiped out the reefs and much of the marine life that once teemed around them.

This program presents the fascinating story of …