Conclusions: Special Session Geotherapy – Global Restoration Needs for Stabilizing CO2 and Climate, Organizer and Chairperson, Dr. Thomas J. Goreau

Conclusions SERI 2011 Special Marine Restoration Session – Organizer and Chairperson, Thomas J. Goreau, PhD, Co-Chairperson, Dr. Gilles Lecaillon

VIDEO: Rock Dust and Biochar as a Strategy for Carbon Sequestration (at SER2011)

Can we prioritize restoring reefs to grow back beaches and protect coasts from erosion and global sea level rise? Goreau, Thomas J.; Wolf Hilbertz, Azeez Hakeem, Thomas Sarkisian, Frank Gutzeit, Ari Spenhoff, Delphine Robbe, Global Coral Reef Alliance

Biochar: Optimum Geotherapy Approach? The optimum geotherapy approach? Larson, Ron, United States Biochar Initiative

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Biorock technology increases coral growth and fish assemblages: Ilham, Ilham; Rosihan Anwar, Syarif Syamsuddin, Thri Heni Utami Radiman, Heri Triyono, R. Ahmad Sue, Delphine Robbe, Thomas J. Goreau

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Marine ecosystem electrotherapy: Theory and practice, Goreau, Thomas J., Global Coral Reef Alliance

Fisheries restoration by post larval restocking, Lecaillon, Gilles, ECOCEAN, France

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